Top Sites for Inspiration

So I know inspiration can be very hard to find sometimes. We all get stuck in those ruts where we hate our work, we lose all concept ideas, and don't know what to do next. Since everyone is a photographer these days, a lot of work can be over-done and we have to constantly find new ways to stand out. I've gathered a few of my favorite websites to gain inspiration from so that next time you're feeling stuck you might possibly be able to get yourself out of that rut. Not only are these sites good for hard times, but I personally like to surround myself with inspiration daily to keep my creativity constantly flowing. - ffffl*ckr starts you with a set of images off and as you click on them, they forward you to creator of that image's favorites. And repeat. - This blog has some of the most beautiful fashion editorials I have ever seen. I think I would die if I ever ended up on here. If you weren't already familiar with Ben Trovato Blog, you're welcome. - Vsco is where I go for ALL of my Lightroom preset needs. (And I know a lot of you guys do too!) If you think about it, all the other people who use those presets probably have similar taste in photography too, so check out their work! - As silly as it sounds, go to different modeling agencies' websites to get ideas. There are a huge variety of different shots by different photographers and the models' beautiful faces will inspire you to make some beauty yourself. (I just picked Ford because I love their website set up over the other agencies.) - Not only can stumbleupon lead you to a page of amazing photography, but it can inspire you in so many other ways. Remember that your inspiration in life must be well-rounded.