REVIEW: Squarespace

Yup!! I'm doing a review on Squarespace on a Squarespace hosted & designed website! Am I biased? Yes, yes I am. Anyway, I haven't done any text blog posts in a while so I figured I'd put up a short little review on my favorite web hosting site. I use Squarespace for two of my own websites right now: Shannon Bray Photography and Atlantic Daydreams. And I also designed Sarah Jordan Style for my stylist as well. I don't know how many times I've recommended this great site to my friends. It's great for bloggers, photographers, musicians, shops, brands, whatever! 

My favorite thing about Squarespace is how clean and crisp all the available templates are. I used in the past and enjoyed the simplistic templates they had, but the images uploaded and even the text came out such low quality. The image quality on Squarespace is impeccable! Perfect for my field. 

You can change your template whenever you want! I've probably gone between 3-4 different templates in the past year. That way you're never tied down to one look! If you get your website custom designed, you're stuck with that style for a while.

The pricing is ridiculously reasonable for what you're getting!  I've always used the personal package, but the professional package seems to be the most popular. All contracts are month to month or yearly so you're not tied down to anything for too long if you don't like it (but you'll love it.) Plus, every package comes with a free domain! 

One more great thing about Squarespace is their award winning customer service. Any time I have needed help regarding my site, they have been in contact with me within minutes. They also offer an instant live chat with a specialist Monday through Friday. And when they help you, you feel like you're talking to a REAL PERSON! Not a robot or someone from half way around the world that you can't even understand. 

So like I said above, I recommend Squarespace to everyone! And if you have anymore questions regarding the matter, feel free to personally contact me because I have a lot of experience with this website! 

Go to now to start designing your website on a free 30 day trial. : )