REVIEW: Business Cards

I recently ordered my second batch of business cards from my favorite printing company, Last time I ordered from them I got their 'Facebook cards', which I loved. This time I decided to get a little more creative.

Their business cards might be a little pricey at first glance when you compare them to other business card companies like Vista Print for example, but the quality is unbeatable. These cards are incredibly durable and will resist crumbling or tearing in your pockets. Plus they come in these awesome little cardholder boxes too! It definitely comes in handy when I just wanna throw my business cards in my camera bag or purse.

All their available business card templates are super clean, crisp, and completely customizable. Say you order a pack of 50 cards and can't pick just one image to go on them. Well they allow you to print a different picture on every business card if you want.

As a visual artist it is very important for my business cards to be a proper representation of my work and does a great job of portraying the image I want to give out. I recommend them to EVERYONE looking to order some business cards!