Pros + Cons of a Price Sheet

So most of you have probably noticed I’ve added all my rates to my website. Which you can view here. For the past few years that I’ve been running my business, I never really thought it would be a good idea to list my pricing for everyone to see. I thought that if I did this I might be giving my competition the upper hand or clients might think that my pricing is 100% fixed. 

The main reason I finally decided to do this is to make everything easier for my potential clients. You have to think through a consumers eyes. If I’m looking at a photographers website and loving their work and I just so happen to notice their pricing fits my budget, I’m going to jump on the opportunity! Of course they will still have to email me to lock in a date, but it eliminates the step of me replying with a quote.

Even though I have listed all of my starting rates that doesn’t mean I can’t fit your budget. 90% of the time I will find a way to cut down my services for a session to fit your budget (if you're a decent human being.) And if you keep up with my Facebook page, I’m always offering specials and limited mini sessions! 

Sure, this does mean competition can see how much I'm charging, however, when you are a confident, kick-ass business woman (or man!), you don't even recognize the word competition. Worry about yourself, not them. Just do your thing.

So basically, you can see that I have listed all pros and zero cons because I truly believe this is a great step in improving your business.