Mutual Respect between Photographers and Models

I've been seeing a pattern lately; too many photographers are getting big heads and in conclusion, disrespecting or putting themselves above the models they are working with. There is a fine line between an artist who is confident and enlightened with their accomplishments and being an artist with a big ego and an image of themselves being superior to their fellow creatives. If you haven't noticed already, 99% of the models I've worked with have become great friends of mine. I think as a young, creative professional it is very important to network within your field and help fuel the dreams of your colleagues. 

These days a lot of people are 'models,' or as other's who are poking fun call 'Instagram models.' It's up to you to pick and choose who is going to benefit you and your portfolio. That's the nice thing about our jobs... we don't have to work with anyone we don't want to work with! But if you decide to work with a model on a trade shoot you must see some potential in them, correct? If this person is going out of their way to benefit you and your craft, you should be willing to do the same for them. 

I know models who drive an hour or two just to do trade shoots and get a turn around of one or two DECENT (at best) photos months later. This makes my blood boil. Unless you're shooting the cover for Rolling Stone, I don't think your photos are worth driving an hour or more to get one image. Can you imagine, as a photographer, driving an hour to shoot with a model and she has to leave after a mere five minutes of shooting? 

I've actually even heard of local photographers telling their models to 'come up with a concept' if they want to shoot with them. I'm sorry... but I don't think that is how that works. The models I work with are more than welcome to always shoot ideas my way or help me come up with a concept, but I am never going to put all the responsibilities of MY photoshoot treatments on them. That just defeats the purpose of being a creative individual. You should enjoy coming up with new visions, not treat it like a chore.

Another thing I commonly see is photographers complaining to each other "This model keeps asked me when the photos will be done. So annoying." Wow, it truly must be so hard having someone who is so excited to see your art. Not. You should be flattered that someone is looking forward to seeing your images. Confidence doesn't just magically cancel out humility. 

A lot of my good friends dream of being professional models, just as I always dreamed of doing photography professionally. I don't care if they've only modeled a day in their life or for the past ten years, I respect them for even having the courage to dream. I may pursue photography professionally now, but I will always be aspiring to be better and better. We all have to support each other. So please people, for the sake of our creative community, please appreciate others and their dreams a little more.