3 Photographers You Should Follow

I've been lacking in text posts, so here's a little post featuring some very talented photographers that I follow on all social media. I know that I am always looking for new artists to discover, so I figured you all may appreciate this. And I hope everyone I featured is okay with being on here. :)


Lexi Mire

Boston based photographer Lexi Mire has been a friend of mine for the past three or four years. Not only is Lexi such a sweet, humble person, but she is one of my all time favorite photographers. It doesn't matter if she's shooting film or digital, her photos will give you all the nostalgic feels. She's not just a photographer. She's a real artist. + She also gets the award for best self portrait taker I know!

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Kohl Murdock

I've thoroughly enjoyed seeing Kohl's work progress and expand over the past few years. She is also a very versatile photographer. And I love seeing another girl who is so business minded, like me! I'm really hoping to meet up with this girl next time I'm in Chicago!

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Matty Vogel

If you're not already familiar with Matty Vogel and his work, you're doing something wrong. He's one of those people who you think just can't get any better and then boom - he posts something new and blows your mind all over again. His live music photographer is just as A+ as his portraiture. I love seeing a photographer who can kill it with any subject or environment. 

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Hopefully I can keep this up and have some more awesome photographers to share with you guys next week too! x